PTS Linux Live Is Coming Soon...
PTS Linux Live is an optimized Linux distribution designed for automated testing and benchmarking. PTS Linux Live can run off a USB device (e.g. a flash drive) or from a DVD. More information on this Phoronix Test Suite project will be shared in the coming weeks.

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Getting sick can cause a lot of problems when you have responsibilities, whether it be attending school or going to work. On on hand, being ill and being around co-workers or fellow students does nothing but spread germs and make everyone feel as miserable as you do. The other side of the coin is the fact that your boss or professor does't care about you illness, and you will receive serious repercussions for missing school or work.What should you do? 

Doctors are a wonderful resource, and when there is a medical issue the services of a medical professional should be sought. But with insurance deductibles and co-pays rising every year, few people want to get a doctors form when they have a fever, cold symptoms, or any other signs of a minor illness that will pass with a few days of resting. And yet many employers and schools require a doctors note in order to miss work or school, even for things such as a horrible cold or flu, which can't effectively be treated by a doctor. When you wake up incredibly sick, you know that you can't go to work or school- you don't need to pay a doctor to confirm the fact that you feel awful. You're already losing pay at work, or missing out on a class that you paid for- who wants to spend more just to get a piece of slip from a doctor stating that you are in fact sick?

There are ways around having to visit a doctor when you are sick with a minor illness, but are feeling so bad that you can't go to work or class- use a sample doctors excuse or a sick document. When you're sick, not to mention contagious, you know it, so a doctors form can get you the excused absence that you need, without having to incur the expense of seeing a doctor just to be told that you need rest and fluids to feel better.  Don't feel bad about using a sample doctors note- it will give you the time you need to recover, while keeping your co-workers or fellow students from becoming sick as well. If you turn out to be naughty sometimes and you want to leave work or school for a day or two, you can enjoy the benefits of using a dr excuse as your get-away options.